36 Crazyfists

The Tide And Its Takers

Date de sortie : 27/05/2008
Genres : /


The Tide And Its Takers est le cinquième album du groupe de Metalcore 36 Crazyfists. 

La tracklist de The Tide And Its Takers par 36 Crazyfists :

01. The All Night Lights

02. We Gave It Hell

03. The Back Harlow Road

04. Clear the Coast (ft. Adam Jackson de Twelve Tribes)

05. Waiting on a War

06. Only a Year or So…

07. Absent Are the Saints

08. Vast and Vague (ft. Candace Kucsulain de Walls of Jericho)

09. When Distance Is the Closest Reminder

10. Northern November

11. The Tide and Its Takers

12. Criminal Justice (Satchel cover)

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