Limp Bizkit

Results May Vary

Date de sortie : 23/09/2003
Genre :

Results May Vary

Results May Vary est le quatrième album du groupe de Nu Metal Limp Bizkit.

La tracklist de Results May Vary par Limp Bizkit :

01. Re-Entry

02. Eat You Alive

03. Gimme the Mic

04. Underneath the Gun

05. Down Another Day

06. Almost Over

07. Build a Bridge (ft. Brian “Head” Welch)

08. Red Light-Green Light (ft. Snoop Dogg)

09. The Only One

10. Let Me Down

11. Lonely World

12. Phenomenon

13. Creamer (Radio Is Dead)

14. Head for the Barricade

15. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)

16. Drown