Cradle Of Filth enregistrera un nouvel album durant l'automne 2019

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Cradle Of Filth enregistrera un nouvel album durant l'automne 2019
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Le groupe de Black Metal britannique Cradle Of Filth enregistrera un nouvel album durant l’automne 2019. Effectivement, les musiciens prévoient la suite de Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay, sorti en 2017, et compte la publier durant l’année 2020.

Une news qui arrive peut-être de manière un peu précoce, mais les fans seront heureux de savoir que le groupe a des projets et qu’il n’est pas prêt de s’arrêter là.

Le tout a été révélé via un long message Facebook de fin d’année, dans le lequel les musiciens font un récapitulatif de 2018.

De plus, le groupe dévoile ses projets futurs : de nouveaux merchs, des bières Cradle Of Filth, potentiellement une ligne de maquillage, de nouvelles tournées… et évidemment le nouvel album en question !

“This year has been an extraordinary step on the road to salvation, albeit some eighty shows later. We have traversed the globe on the Cryptoriana world tour, firstly in Europe with our good friends Moonspell in support and sharing our travelling bomb-site with us, then In the U.S with Jinjer and Uncured, before setting our sights on penetrating Asia and Australia. We’ve also performed in South America, Russia, the Baltic states and Israel too. There have been some great Summer festivals and then some great Winter ones too, with some amazing times spent abroad in the company of some truly amazing people. We also changed management companies and now reside snugly with The Oracle Management, which is run by Dez and Anahstasia Fafara, nestling alongside bands like Wednesday 13, The 69 Eyes, Combichrist and DevilDriver, wiith the first few months of management seeing them make some necessary and highly significant improvements. So a very successful period for the band, but it doesn’t stop there as next year promises to be even more productive/spectacular. A massive new merchandising line; A duo of Cradle beers; A return to big theatrical stage production values live; A potential Cradle make-up line; A full second leg of the Cryptoriana world tour in the U.S. and Canada; Convention appearances; appearances; the Cruelty And The Beast remixed and remistressed release; Exclusive themed shows… With South America; Russia and not forgetting a packed Summer run of festivals across Europe also to transpire. And that’s not to mention the new album we’re currently working on at the present, with Autumn being earmarked for entering the sordid depths of the recording studio. So, very exciting times await! Therefore we, as a band, wish everyone a fantastically FILTHY new year and hope it brings everything you could possibly desire.

Until we see you next,

All the be(a)st…
Cradle Of Filth, NYE 2018 e.h”

PS : L’image n’est plus disponible. 

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