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Of Mice & Men annule de nouveaux concerts à cause de l’intervention médicale concernant Aaron Pauley

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Of Mice & Men annule de nouveaux concerts à cause de l’intervention médicale concernant Aaron Pauley

Le groupe de Metalcore américain Of Mice & Men annule de nouveaux concerts à cause de l’intervention médicale concernant son chanteur Aaron Pauley. En effet, les musiciens avaient déjà dû annuler certaines dates en urgence.

Le musicien a été dans l’obligation de subir une intervention chirurgicale, et devra récupérer pendant encore au moins 2 semaines. Néanmoins, tout s’est bien déroulé et Aaron Pauley rassure ses fans via ses réseaux sociaux. Bon rétablissement.

On Monday, April 8th, Aaron became aware of a medical issue requiring immediate surgery. The surgery was performed yesterday without incident, and the issue is currently being evaluated. He has been advised that the absolute minimum recovery time is two weeks from today. Therefore, we’re sorry to report that we have no choice but to cancel the start of our dates with Beartooth. As it currently stands, we will now be starting the tour at So What Festival in Houston on April 27. – Of Mice & Men

Messages d’Of Mice & Men et Aaron Pauley :

Aaron Pauley on Twitter

Thank you all for the understanding and support! I’ll be able to share more info in the future, but just know that I’m safe, healthy, happy, and on the mend! https://t.co/830nFcJl0i

Aaron Pauley on Twitter

For those worried, and to squash any fear or speculation, this surgery is unrelated to my ER visit last month. The ER visit was simply a precaution given the symptoms I displayed at the time, and though it was scary, I was given a clean bill of health when I was discharged.

Aaron Pauley on Twitter

While I can’t go into detail about specifics in this issue yet, it’s nothing that’s arisen from any previous show cancelations or hospitalizations, and nothing related to my voice, nor is it an injury, or anything related to performing. I’ll update with specifics as soon as I’m

Aaron Pauley on Twitter

able to. Just know this was the best thing for my health, and while I’m sad to have to cancel shows, health has to come first. That being said, know that I’m healthy and healing, and the issue was addressed before it became far more serious. I’ll see you all soon!


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