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Cattle Decapitation entre en studio et dévoile une nouvelle chanson en live

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Cattle Decapitation entre en studio et dévoile une nouvelle chanson en live

Le groupe de Death Metal américain Cattle Decapitation vient d’entrer en studio. Les sessions ont lieu à Flatline Audio, à Westminster (Colorado), et sont encadrées par Dave Otero (Archspire, Allegaeon). Le groupe a posté quelques annonces à retrouver ci-dessous.

En outre, Cattle Decapitation a récemment joué une nouvelle chanson en live intitulée An Extreme Indifference To Human Life. Une vidéo du concert du groupe le 3 mai au Launchpad, à Albuquerque, est également à retrouver ci-dessous.

Annonce de Cattle Decapitation pour son nouvel album :

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Right fuckin' to it! Day one begins!

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STUDIO UPDATE FROM OUR DRUMMER @mcgrawcattledecap "We’re currently on day #2 of drum tracking at Flatline Audio with Dave Otero, and let me tell you, it’s sounding MASSIVE! Here’s what I’m using for my fourth album with Cattle Decapitation: Shells: Sakae Drums (Sakae Rhythm Musical Instrument Ltd.) The Almighty series, in Birch. These shells are handmade in Osaka, pure Japanese Birch! Deep and controlled tone, while providing tons of attack. Easily the best drums I’ve ever tracked with. Snare: ddrum USA “The Hammer” Brass Snare. This snare is blowing my mind right now. During live performances, it’s loud and punchy, while still providing great control in the studio. Cymbals: A mixed variety of SABIAN HH/AA/AAX. Perfect for both live and studio, really happy with the way the cymbals are projecting and the road worthy durability I’ve always been able to count on. Drumsticks: Los Cabos Drumsticks. Red Hickory Artist series, which is a slightly bigger version of their 2b. These are the most durable and comfortable/balanced sticks I’ve used in my career. They don’t break (they just wear down) and they help provide all that punch and volume which is so critical in fast and powerful drumming. This will be my last record using my Axis Longboards, as I am currently in the process of switching to ACD Unlimited pedals, cannot wait!" More studio updates coming soon! #sakae #almightybirch #ddrum #thehammer #sabian #loscabosdrumsticks #axis #roland #axis #cattledecapitation #postanthropocene

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An Extreme Indifference To Human Life par Cattle Decapitation :


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