Date de sortie : 03/06/2008
Genre :


Revelation est le treizième album du groupe de Rock Journey.

La tracklist de Revelation par Journey :


01. Never Walk Away

02. Like a Sunshower

03. Change for the Better

04. Wildest Dream

05. Faith in the Heartland

06. After All These Years

07. Where Did I Lose Your Love

08. What I Needed

09. What It Takes to Win

10. Turn Down the World Tonight

11. The Journey (Revelation)

12. Let It Take You Back

13. The Place in Your Heart

REVELATION – DISC TWO (Re-recordings ft. Arnel Pineda)

01. Only the Young

02. Don’t Stop Believin’

03. Wheel in the Sky

04. Faithfully

05. Any Way You Want It

06. Who’s Crying Now

07. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

08. Lights

09. Open Arms

10. Be Good to Yourself

11. Stone in Love

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