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Aborted et son guitariste Mendel Bij De Leij se séparent

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Aborted et son guitariste Mendel Bij De Leij se séparent

Le groupe de Death Metal belge Aborted et son guitariste Mendel Bij De Leij se séparent. Les musiciens partiront bientôt en tournée américaine. Son remplacement sera assuré par Harrison Patuto (Vale Of Pnath, Dissonance in Design).

Man, where do I begin? I guess I’ll cut right to the chase: After almost 7 years of what has been one of the best experiences of my life, we mutually have come to the agreement that this is the point where Aborted ends for me. After my father passed away last year my focus started to slowly shift on different levels whereas the others were dedicated and motivated to make Aborted dominate, and believe me: they will, and I’m extremely proud of them. I remember I started listening to Aborted back in 2004, becoming a fan boy and I’ll never forget the moment Sven asked me to join 8 years later; truly a moment I still embrace to this day. Of course I will miss my brothers, I love them; I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. I couldn’t have wished for any better group of idiots, not a chance! For now I will focus on my solo project ‘Mendel’, my job (being a mixing/mastering engineer) and other musical endeavors. And the following is a cliché perhaps, but truly: All the fans around the world and all those who’ve supported us, you guys fucking rule from the bottom of my heart. Now if you guys don’t support my boys on their upcoming tour and future plans: I’ll get Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick all of you. – Mendel Bij De Leij


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