Tobias Forge dévoile de nouveaux projets ambitieux

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Tobias Forge dévoile de nouveaux projets ambitieux

Tobias Forge vient de dévoiler de nouveaux projets ambitieux. En effet, dans le cadre d’une interview pour Revolver, le musicien a annoncé qu’il travaille sur un nouvel album plus lourd et sombre, ainsi qu’un un film sur Ghost.

Il ne souhaite pas trop en dire pour le moment. Néanmoins, Tobias Forge a pour objectif de finir de filmer le projet pour la fin de l’année, et le film ne sera pas un biopic. Il considère que sa carrière n’est pas encore assez mûre pour pouvoir en faire une oeuvre autobiographique aboutie. 

Most films about bands are biographical, and I see no reason to tell our story yet. It’s a little bit like premature ejaculation. You have to have a career first and then you can tell the real story, so that was never an option. And when you yank away that, what do you have? Well, that would be a fictional story. The cog wheels are turning on that one. We’re just trying to figure out a lot of the practicalities. Making a film is a big endeavor. Another problem that I have had over the course of my career is that I don’t have a shit-ton of time. I am also a father of two kids and I’m married. I try to not to break my back. I’ve been so close so many times to overworking and I said Yes to everything just because I was so keen on not losing momentum. I’ve learned over the years that it’s really important not to do everything at once. – Tobias Forge

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