The Menzingers

From Exile

Date de sortie : 25/09/2020
Genre :

The Menzingers annonce From Exile, un nouvel album "réimaginé"

Date de sortie : 25/09/2020
Genre :

From Exile est le septième album du groupe de Punk Rock The Menzingers.

La tracklist de From Exile par The Menzingers :

01. America (You’re Freaking Me Out) (From Exile)

02. Anna (From Exile)

03. High School Friend (From Exile)

04. Last To Know (From Exile)

05. Strangers Forever (From Exile)

06. Hello Exile (From Exile)

07. Portland (From Exile)

08. Strain Your Memory (From Exile)

09. I Can’t Stop Drinking (From Exile)

10. Strawberry Mansion (From Exile)

11. London Drugs (From Exile)

12. Farewell Youth (From Exile)

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