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Le chanteur de The Black Dahlia Murder fait un classement des albums du groupe

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Le chanteur de The Black Dahlia Murder fait un classement des albums du groupe

Trevor Strnad, le chanteur du groupe de Death Metal Mélodique américain The Black Dahlia Murder a fait un classement des albums du groupe dans le cadre d’une interview récente pour Kerrang!.

Le musicien a choisi de placer Unhallowed en première position. Bien qu’objectivement l’album est loin d’être leur meilleur, Trevor dit qu’il lui rappelle ce moment magique qu’était les débuts du groupe. L’opus a une certaine nostalgie et sincérité qui font qu’il l’a choisi.

I don’t think I realized I was going to put this here until I was challenged to do this list. There’s a lot of shit on Unhallowed that makes me cringe, because we were very green. We hadn’t even toured, or left the state. We got super, super lucky to get signed off of a demo, and we were really reaching to play some of the stuff on there at the time. We were not that good. We eventually caught up to where we were supposed to be, going out on tour and getting better players. I really like the songs, and…it was just such a magical time! To get signed by Metal Blade and meet Brian Slagel, who I’d been following since I was a little kid. They welcomed us with open arms. It was a mutual excitement — they were really excited to have us. I remember kind of being disappointed overall at the end of recording it — wishing we hadn’t gone to a local studio, and thinking that when we had more budget, we’d do something better. But I like it! I like the way it sounds. It’s raw, it’s real…it’s a bunch of kids! And I feel like it’s a Polaroid of us, of that young energy we had. That whole transition to being a touring band, that was it. A lot of what I love is the memories surrounding it, but when we did the whole album all the way through semi-recently, I thought it was a joy. To hear every song at its maximum potential, perfectly in the pocket — we were doing everything we were reaching to do at that point. I don’t know, man, I think it was a special album. It was just the right thing at the right time.

Voici la liste, 1 étant le meilleur et 8 étant le pire.

Classement des albums de The Black Dahlia Murder par Trevor Strnad :

01. Unhallowed (2003)

02. Nightbringers (2017)

03. Ritual (2011)

04. Nocturnal (2007)

05. Everblack (2013)

06. Abysmal (2015)

07. Deflorate (2009)

08. Miasma (2005)

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Nightbringers par The Black Dahlia Murder :


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