Thy Art Is Murder publie un nouveau single dénommé Make America Hate Again

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Thy Art Is Murder publie un nouveau single dénommé Make America Hate Again
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Le groupe de Deathcore australien Thy Art Is Murder vient de publier un nouveau single dénommé Make America Hate Again. Ce dernier est accompagné d’un clip vidéo officiel, et fait partie du nouvel album du groupe intitulé Human Target, dont la date de sortie est prévue pour le 26 juillet 2019 via Nuclear Blast.

Le guitariste Andy Marsh s’est exprimé à propos de la nouvelle chanson. Il s’agit d’une composition engagée qui traite des tactiques politiques actuelles utilisées afin d’engendrer la haine.

Whilst we collectively identify as a left leaning band, this song was not written to attack those who sit on the right side of the political sphere, but as a commentary on the tactics employed by both campaigns in the most recent US presidential election. These crusades of social warfare would surely succeed in one result regardless of the victor, making people hate one another. The blood lust of the political spectator, armed with Fox, CNN and an iPhone, was satiated with aggressive slander filled debate and fake radicalized propaganda masquerading as news, where both sides of the field rallied to provoke. Identity politics spread like the wildfires of California, smoking out people of all creeds to be branded as red or blue. Those on the regressive left may indeed have as much to answer for as their far right opponents for creating a heaving divide in the space of public discourse, and a sustaining sense of animosity among communities around America and abroad. Polarizing leaders like Trump are, in part, a result of who we have become. Disconnected.

Make America Hate Again de Thy Art Is Murder :

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