Cattle Decapitation

Human Jerky (EP)

Date de sortie : 01/01/1999
Genre :

Human Jerky (EP)

Human Jerky est le premier EP du groupe de Death Metal Cattle Decapitation.

La tracklist de Human Jerky par Cattle Decapitation :

01. Cloned for Carrion

02. Parasitic Infestation ( Extracted Pus, Mistaken for Yogurt and Gargled)

03. Unclogged and Ready for Spewage

04. Gestation of Smegma

05. Mute Rain

06. Flesh-Eating Disease (Flu-Like Symptoms of E-Coli with Complete Digestive Shutdown)

07. Decapitation of Cattle

08. Constipation Camp

09. Intro to Carnage

10. Cream of the Crop

11. Mad Cow Conspiracy (Bloated Bovine-Home to the Flies and Anthrax Spores)

12. Veal and the Cult of Torture

13. Stench from the Dumpster

14. Body Snatcher (Viscera Intact-Ripe for Devourment)

15. Roadkill Removal Technician

16. Bovine, Swine, and Human-Rinds

17. Bludgeoned, Beaten, and Barbecued

18. Colon-Blo

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