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Le chanteur de Bad Wolves fait un speech sur la violence domestique suite à l'assassinat d'une de ses amies

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Le chanteur de Bad Wolves fait un speech sur la violence domestique suite à l'assassinat d'une de ses amies
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Tommy Vext, le chanteur de Bad Wolves, a partagé un speech émotionnel contre la violence domestique mercredi dernier, suite au décès du Dr. Amie Harwick, une sexologue basée à Los Angeles, qui était auparavant fiancée à l’animateur de The Price Is Right, Drew Carey. Tommy Vext connaissait Amie Harwick depuis 14 ans.

Tommy Vext dénonce la violence domestique

Amie Harwick est décédée le 15 février, probablement à la suite d’une altercation avec un ex-petit ami. Selon CNN et les autorités locales, un homme du nom de Gareth Pursehouse est soupçonné d’avoir tué la thérapeute en la jetant par-dessus le balcon de son appartement. Amie Harwick, qui était âgée de 38 ans, avait déjà fait des demandes d’ordonnances restrictives contre Gareth Pursehouse.

Comme l’explique Tommy Vext dans la vidéo ci-dessous, il a été informé de la mort de son amie lorsque Bad Wolves était en tournée européenne avec Five Finger Death Punch et Megadeth. La mort d’Amie a poussé le musicien à dénoncer la violence domestique lors de la représentation de Bad Wolves à Vienne le 19 février.

Trop longtemps, en tant qu’hommes, nous avons mis ce problème de côté, à cause de nos propres souvenirs douloureux. Statistiquement, un adulte sur trois qui a grandi dans une famille où il y avait de la violence domestique deviendra l’acteur de violences semblables avec un partenaire à l’âge adulte.

Mon amie a été assassinée par un ancien petit ami. Il était encore obsédé des années après qu’elle ait rompu avec lui à cause de son comportement violent. Après l’expiration de son ordonnance de restriction, il s’est habillé en noir, a trouvé sa nouvelle adresse, est entré par effraction chez elle et l’a assassinée.

Ailleurs sur les réseaux sociaux, Tommy Vext a exhorté ses fans à signer une pétition lancée en l’honneur d’Amie Harwick sur

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Speech de Tommy Vext :

Too long have I avoided this topic of conversation. Too long have we as men brushed this issue under the rug with our own painful memories. Statistically 1 out of every 3 adults who grew up in a family that engaged in domestic violence will grow up to engage in DV with an intimate partner as adults. In 2019 over 13.5 percent of all worldwide Homicides are committed by an intimate partner. As a man who has experienced being the victim of domestic violence / abuse as well as a perpetrator in my addiction I now have to openly speak about this issue. My friend was murdered by an ex boyfriend. He was obsessed years after she had broken up with him for his violent behavior. After her restraining order expired he dressed in black, found her most recent address, broke into her home and murdered her. Ladies & Gentlemen, if you find yourself acting out in physical, mental or emotional violence, if you are possessive, stalking, obsessing & having fantasies about perpetrating violence toward a current or past intimate partner you have to seek help. Too often adult survivors of abuse attract partners that mirror their childhood abusers. At first it is subconscious but after several failed attempts at relationships both men and women find that invariably they are playing a serious an often deadly role in their intimate partner selection.If we are to break the cycle we must commit to action by seeking the help of a therapist, psychiatrist, anger managements or spiritual advisor. It’s starts with telling the truth, on your partner & on yourselves. It is our responsibility to heal our own wounds so they do not injure or destroy our relationship partners. If we are in a relationship we must immediately stop living as victims by projecting and blaming others for our anger, rage, manipulation & other spiritually sick behaviors. If you or someone you know is engaging in domestic violence, obsessing, stalking or making threats of violence or suicide I beg you to seek help. I have had to do an overhauling of self work and continue to do so to practice non violence in my daily life. No matter how bad it has been it is still possible to live a live at peace with your past & harmony with your present. But you must seek help. If you are a victim or perpetrator of domestic violence please understand no amount of shame or remorse will be enough to arrest the cycle. We are talking about a severe mental health crisis & we are all responsible. As partners, friends, neighbors & family members. WE AS A SOCIETY CAN CHANGE BUT IT STARTS WITH HAVING THE CONVERSATION AND THE WILLINGNESS TO SEEK HELP. We love you Amie Nicole

Publiée par Tommy Vext sur Mercredi 19 février 2020

Post de Tommy Vext :

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DR. @amienicole13 PHD, LMFT, Sober Sister, Photograher, Philanthropist, Educator, Cat Mother, Fire Eater and infinitely more. After 14 years of friendship I can’t believe I’m writing these words. So many times you sat across from me at coffee or swingers trading our heartbreaks, career struggles, fears, childhood circumstances and a fierce determination to become something more then what life handed us. Because we were both adopted you made me feel less alone as we struggled to heal our mortal wounds. I watched you work harder & study more then anyone I’ve known to become professionally what your friends always knew you were, a healer. You always had this way about you, where all the lost broken toys would find you and you’d breathe life back into us. You made everyone feel cool no matter how weird or awkward they were. You were fascinated by anything weird & you were brilliantly eccentric in your taste for social contact. You cared about people. You took care of me when I had surgery, you let me check up on you after you had surgery. You came to all my bands shows no matter what the venue or where we landed on the social scale. You never missed my birthday and I will regret not catching up before this tour the rest of my life. I am really struggling today. I’m so fucking angry. As soon as I got the call I knew who the police would have in custody. Just another jealous looser piece of shit ex boyfriend so insignificant and insecure so small and cowardly that his only sense of power would be to take you away from the rest of us, from the rest of this world. His hate will never snuff out the love that you put in all of us. You light is so much brighter then this passing darkness and you’re going to live on forever in all the good you brought into all our lives. My heart goes out to your parents, your Guy and all of your friends. This is a big loss. Do me a favor and call your friends today make plans for dinner or coffee. Write a list of reasons why you love them and how the matter to you, and go and tell them. Life is too short & you might not get another chance. #amienicoleharwick #amienicole #DrHarwick

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