Every Time I Die

Low Teens

Date de sortie : 23/09/2016
Genre :

Low Teens

Low Teens est le huitième album du groupe de Metalcore Every Time I Die.

La tracklist de Low Teens par Every Time I Die :

01. Fear and Trembling (ft. Tim Singer of Deadguy)

02. Glitches

03. C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)

04. Two Summers

05. Awful Lot

06. I Didn’t Want to Join Your Stupid Cult Anyway

07. It Remembers (ft. Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco)

08. Petal

09. The Coin Has a Say

10. Religion of Speed

11. Just as Real but Not as Brightly Lit

12. 1977

13. Map Change

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